Specific Software

Hiwr is developed using ROS and GNU/Linux.

ROS is a set of software libraries and tools that help you build robot applications.

Combined with following bricks, it becomes easy to build various Hiwr scenarios.

Basic bricks

Motor controller

This module allows to drive the two motors and move the head.

Screen controller

This module allows to easily display text, images, video on the screen.

Touch screen

This module allows to get information about user's interactions with the touch screen.

Camera controller

This module allows to "stream" camera images.

Advanced bricks

QR/Barcode scanner

This allows Hiwr to read QR code and bare code. It depends on Camera controller.

OpenCV detector

Based on images provided by a Camera controller and a cascade descriptor, it sends ROI messages that can be consumed by other modules. It is based on OpenCV library.


This allows Hiwr to track objects or faces. It consumes ROI messages and send messages to the Motor controller module.


When putting hiwr in the black, hiwr is becoming tired and sleepy. After a second, hiwr will be asleep until the thing in front of its camera is off.


Here are some simple scenarios based on previous bricks.

Simple example

A simple example involving:

  • Screen controller
  • Motor controller
  • Camera controller
  • OpenCV detector
  • Tracker module
  • Touch screen
  • Tired