Electronic hardware

Hiwr is driven by several hardware pieces. This hardware parts are embedded inside the head and the body models.
Here is an exhaustive list of every hardware parts used in Hiwr.


Hiwr is embedded an Olimex Olinuxino A13 WIFI board. This board is open source and quite cheap. For more informations, see here.

Hiwr can also work with the Olinuxino A13 board but will not provide WIFI connectivity.


The screen is a 7″ screen also created by Olimex and designed to be used with the Olinuxino A13 WIFI board.

Datasheet can be found here and schematic here.

Touch screen

The touch screen also created by Olimex can be add in top of the screen. It is a 7 inch LCD resistive touchscreen designed to be used with the Olinuxino A13 and the 7inch screen.

More details can be found here.

The overhead camera

The camera situated in the top of Hiwr' head is a Microsoft camera: the Lifecam Cinema HD. It is a 720p HD webcam. It also provides a microphone.

More details can be found here.

The chin camera

The webcam used in the bottom of Hiwr head, "the chin", is a Logitech HD C920. It is able to make 1080p video clips and images. It also provides two microphones.

More details can be found here.


USB2Dynamixel is a device used to operate Dynamixel directly from the board. It is connected to a USB port and a 3P connector of Dynamixel Ax18

More details can be found here.


This module provides a convenient way to Power the Dynamixel bus lines with a 2.5/5.5mm pin DC input up to 20V


Speakers are basics speakers with a 500mm size.

Each ear is designed to receive a 50mm speaker


Hiwr embed two actuator from Robotis located in the neck:

  • AX12A: used for panning
  • AX18A: used for tilting, it has higher tork than the AX12A

More details can be found here.

Various parts

Hiwr also embed various part as wires, switch…
Here is an exhaustive list of every various parts used in Hiwr.


Hiwr embed various wires:

  • Three 3P connector wires to connect the actuators with SMPS2Dynamixel and USB2Dynamixels
  • 60cm of electric cables
  • A 20cm usb extension wires

2.5/5.5mm pin and switch

Hiwr embed female 2.5mm pin for power supply connection and two male 2.5mm pin to power the board and the SMPS2Dynamixel.

It also embed an on/off switch in its chest


Hiwr body embed a 6V, 4Ah Yucel Y4-6. It is used to improve Hiwr stability not for powering purpose.

heat shrinkable sheath

You might need some adhesive and heat shrinkable sheath to build you own Hiwr. This will allow to protect welds and attach wires together.


Hiwr needs the following screws and nuts:

  • 6 M2 nuts
  • 5 M3*10 screws
  • 6 M2 screws